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What is the jewellery made of?

Depends on the piece. We mostly cast in sterling silver, sometimes brass or 10k gold.  Most of our earrings are 22k gold

electroplated over silver, which means there’s a layer of gold on the silver, and we leave the posts silver. A few of our chains are silver, but most are electroplated in 22k gold and rhodium over brass. We consider most of our jewellery to be “high quality costume jewellery”, though some pieces are available in solid gold, if you’re the fine jewellery type. See below for details.


Do any of your pieces come in solid gold?

YA they do! Some earrings and rings have a 10k option for white, pink, or yellow gold. If you don’t see what your looking for, email us at for a quote. Most of our earrings and rings can be cast in 10k, 14k, 22k, all the k’s really. Just ask.


Where do you get your ideas?

The internet, mostly.


How do you make your jewellery?

We cast in Toronto and hand finish and assemble in our Toronto studio.

Electroplated pieces are sent off to our buddy in Scarborough, Ontario, who dips our jewellery in gold and rhodium.


What size are your rings?

They’re adjustable, you can bend them a little to fit better. Try not to bend them too much though.  Email us if you buy a ring online and want it set at a particular size.


Are there care instructions?

Yes! You’re jewellery will stay looking the brightest the longest if you avoid coming in contact with anything chemically, like some

perfumes and lotions.  DO NOT put your jewellery in your coin purse, or store it with other metals. Try to store it on it’s own, in a clean dry place. The bottom of your purse is a really bad spot, so is the side of the bath tub (this particularly, is a

struggle for me). Also, don’t swim with it, chlorine and dampness are the worst.


Can I clean my jewellery?

Totally.  Gently washing your jewellery in warm water w/ a little dish soap will do wonders. Lay flat to dry. NOTE - for our Ball Chain Necklace, Ball Chain Bracelet, Triple Bib or Ball Chain Collar - don’t submerge in water, just wipe with a damp cloth and dry immediately. Our ball chains are stainless steel underneath and do not like water.


Where do you ship?

Everywhere. Mostly.


Where do you ship from?

Toronto, Canada.


How long will shipping take?

That depends. If your order is in stock, which it often is, then we ship within a few days. If we have to make your item, it could take between 2-8 weeks. Email us at if you want to know the availability of a certain piece.


Will I pay duties?

Within Canada, no. For the US, probably not.  For the rest of the world, maybe? But it probably won’t be much. Let us know if you are charged duties, we’d like to know.


Do you accept returns?

Sure. Though we can’t imagine why you’d want to. You can return your jewellery within 30 days of receiving your order. Items must be new and unworn. You are responsible for return shipping costs and the return must be trackable.  Keep us informed via email with the tracking number and reason for return - - NOTE - we do not accept returns on solid gold and/or custom items.